Dear Bloggers, Less is More

Dear Bloggers,

flairLet’s talk. I love you, really, I do. But there are some things that I think we need to discuss. Actually, I discuss and you implement. That’s where “Dear Bloggers” comes in. “Dear Bloggers” is a tongue-in-cheek series helping you become a better blogger via blogging tips and suggestions.

Buttons, Badges and Banners, Oh My!

What’s up with the 950 buttons, banners and badges? We’re here to read your posts, not admire your flair. You really don’t need 37 pieces of flair. Clean and simple design works best. Everything else is distracting and stressful. Don’t you want your blog to be our happy place? Seriously, less is more.

Create Pages

Ok, you’re upset about that last one. I know you love your flair and you just can’t part with it. Let’s compromise. How about moving it to its own page? This way you can keep your flair and we can stop popping Valium like candy and lighting scented candles right before we visit your blog.


Hey, guess what? If everyone’s comments that your blog locks up their browser, your blog locks up their browser! Figure out what went wrong and fix it or people won’t keep coming back. No one wants to have to reboot every time they visit your site.


Wow! Your blog takes forever to load. That’s a problem. We only have so many hours in a work day to goof off, and if your blog is eating into that time, we’re going to have to break up with it.

Alrighty then, you work on those. That’s all we have to say for this edition of Dear Bloggers. Happy Blogging!


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  1. says

    Great tips!

    Sometimes I preview my blog and it looks pretty plain, BUT my content stands out and is easy to read (not to mention, no stalling the web browser when loading the page).

    Thanks for sharing!
    Janice recently posted…The Law of Spring BreakMy Profile

  2. says

    Small, painfully light in color fonts that are a nightmare to read is one of my biggest pet peeves. Even with a 17-inch monitor in front of me I still struggle at times. Make it easy to read or people won’t be back.

  3. says

    Yes great tips! Will definitely keep these in mind. I don’t have enough “buttons” to speak of yet…lol but I promise not to through them in your face first thing!!!

    Visiting from SITS Girls Saturday Sharefest. :)

  4. says

    I actually did take your suggestion and put a new page up showcasing the networks I’m a part of. I’m working on my linkie page too (but that’s a bit slower because I haven’t been doing the link ups as much lately.)
    I’ve been playing around with what I actually put on my sidebars too.
    Crystal Green recently posted…Mom in the Mirror–The Life Starter!My Profile

  5. says

    I love these tips and i have to agree with you on many of these points. I used to be on the WordPress platform and I started getting awards. At first I was really flattered but then I realized that they come with strings attached. For example, go to ten of your favorite blogs and give them the award and write a comment and so on and so on. It was a full-time job! Less is more :-)

    Love and Luck,

    Laurali Star
    Laurali Star recently posted…A Healthy Way of LivingMy Profile


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